Mister Twister is 17! Here come the photos:

So my son, my first draft child, the boy who will always have my heart … he is 17 years old as of August 9, 2015. I only have 52 weeks to ensure I’ve done everything right! I can panic now, yes? Gonna panic a little. However, I do think I’ve done pretty well already and there isn’t much left that needs to be taught or discussed. I think he will be a great adult once released into the wild that is society at large. I can say that based on feedback from other adults too, even some who aren’t related to us, so even if my bias is showing it’s still okay!

Mister Twister is a bass in his school’s Men’s Choir. He joined last year as a Junior and has loved every moment, from class to workshops to concerts, even recruiting a few new guys for this year’s choir. Back in late April he sent me a video from an acapella group he’d found that he really liked. I also fell for them, watching almost every video I could find including videos uploaded by other fans. Most of you may know I get distracted easily, and I also have a tendency to obsess about things for a while before my attention is turned to something else. This happens in all areas of my life – please do not ask about any sewing projects as they are currently backlogged, LOL! – and, long story short, I found myself going back and forth daily between this group, and music in Spanish (especially lyric videos – remember, I learned Spanish in high school and am still learning and practicing by reading along!) for most of the summer.

The school year ended, and Mister Twister and I were still watching music videos and sharing them via email. In my daily YouTubing I was reminded of concerts I’d been to, many years ago. I’ve seen New Kids On The Block, Metallica, Crosby Stills & Nash, Chicago, and Jimmy Buffett to name a few. I love music in almost any genre, and I think it shows in my personal library! I’m so glad the kids have enjoyed a lot of my music, and they have pretty well-rounded tastes like their mother.


Here comes the birthday gift from my parents. I had to sit on this secret for almost THREE WEEKS and I can *finally* talk about it around him! A few weeks ago I called Mom during my lunch break and walked her through this purchase. (Note: Mom dyed his hair, at his request, and with my permission. I did not expect quite the outcome, but he likes it, so, hey.)

I get to take him to his first concert!! We are going to see Home Free Vocal Band on October 1st!!!


He is truly as excited as I am, but it has been quite difficult to contain my excitement without giving away the surprise – so I was actually glad when his birthday finally rolled around! I have a video (click to watch) of him opening the tickets – it’s 4:30 long and gets a little boring unless you listen to my brother’s lovely commentary. He’s a funny guy in the last minute when he’s talking to his oldest nephew. I did have to stop recording a bit early for laughter but really, I got his reaction to the whole deal and that’s what matters to me!

I want to note here that I have been working on this post for over a week, due to having issues with WordPress (see my new theme/look?) and the school year has begun for my kids. Every year, about a week before the first day, our district sends a wall calendar to every family with a student enrolled; I like to look at the artwork – always by students, from district art shows – and look at days off so I can plan as many trips to Mom’s as we can fit. I flipped to October and got a nice surprise! Initially I was going to let him skip the day after the concert, since we will have to drive a few hours and stay overnight. This year we have our Fall Break scheduled for October 1 & 2, so he will already be off school! When I saw it, I almost slipped and gave away our plans for that weekend! I managed to recover with some help from my beloved Ardeo, who has an October 4 birthday. Close call and I’m glad he was sitting next to me when I noticed and got excited about those dates!

I am still so excited for this concert. I feel like it is forever away, but it’s only 6 weeks away now! I am taking an extended weekend from work too, so woohoo for a mini vacation! There will be more concerts in our future, although they will likely be free shows. A yearly assignment for choir students here is to attend a classical concert, and living close to a university we have quite a few opportunities well into December.

Bring on the music!! It makes the world go ’round!

Namaste my friends ~


A brief recap.

Looks like my last real update was almost a year ago. Yikes. In reality, it wasn’t so much ¨life got in the way¨ as, I didn’t really have a comfortable way to post anything other than pictures; since I like to tell a story along with pictures, I decided to wait until I could type and ramble as I’m known to do.

The kids are doing just fine in school. Miss Hurricane is now going into 7th grade and had an easy transition into middle school; she’s made some new friends and is still taking Japanese and loving it. She’s also sprouting into quite a young woman, and a wonderful person all around! I think she’ll take after her dad in being vocal and passionate about the issues in which she believes. Mister Twister will be a senior this year – oh my. How can that be?! In just over a year, I will have to let him run free in the world if he so chooses! That is both scary and a bit of a relief, although I do feel he is relatively ready for the world. The world is ready for him and now my feedback and advice matters just a little less than in the past. He has an idea of the direction he wants to take after high school, and he knows he has the safety net here should he need it. He has also done well in school, having completed three years of Japanese and one year in the choir. He has a fantastic baritone and seems to be developing into a bass – I love to hear him singing as he learns pieces for school, and I love having music around the house anyway, so to hear music from him is doubly good!

We as a family went hiking out in the Red River Gorge last fall. It’s become a yearly event for us now! Living in Kentucky makes it a great day trip and it is our favorite place around here. I have about 160 pictures from  the trip and I will find a way to get them up, even if it’s just a link to an online photo album. I remember getting some great sunrise photos, and being autumn the colors were just as pretty.

The holidays went as in years past with visits to and from family, both here and up north. It was around this time I finally became completely irritated at my retail job, and I started looking more earnestly for something better. January and February in this part of the country knocked us for a loop; we got about 20¨ of snow just here at our house over the course of a week, and the kids had about 2 weeks off school for it. In March, Ardeo and I celebrated 13 years of marriage with another weekend camping in the Gorge, and it was still freezing and cold out! We still had a good time though, because there’s nothing like bacon and coffee all made over a campfire. I have a few pictures from that trip too, since he took me to his family’s farm back east. His family has lived on those acres for over 200 years! They are one of the founding families of Kentucky and it is only an hour north of where my ancestors lived during the Civil War.

Upon our return from that trip, I got a callback for an interview, through a temp agency, from one of the companies to which I’d applied for work. The interview took place on a Wednesday, I was called again Thursday with a job offer, and I gave a week’s notice to my former employer so I could start on April 6 in a new position. I had been working at that store for over 3 years with not much going for me as far as climbing a corporate ladder, and while I’m thankful for the experience and the friends I made there, it was definitely time to move on. The manager there is a lovely person and offered to give me the opportunity to return in the future should I want or need to do so, which does not happen often with little notice of an exit. (Thank you, RA & SS!)

Last week, the company I had been temp’ing for offered me a full-time position! So now I’m officially an employee of theirs and no longer work through the temp agency! I was honestly so excited, I cried happy tears! I’m back to a good place, and the thought went through my mind – just like when I was a single mother in 1998, I can now be independent and still provide for my family and nothing – or no one! – will impede that or take it away. I knew within a month of starting here that this was the place I wanted to retire from, and now I am absolutely on that road. There’s probably a longer story there, or maybe some sort of explanation, but now is not the time (I have to get to bed, I work early!).

Overall it has been a good year with many blessings. I am ready for whatever life and the universe decides it wants to throw at me now! I hope your year has been as good!

Namaste, my friends ~



I have a laptop now! Brace yourself….

So much to catch you up on, but now I can do that! I got a ChromeBook today and am learning how to use it, but I really got it for keeping up with this blog. Now, I can! Ardeo and I are going to wade through the ins and outs of it over the next few days. I got a new job, and that will likely be the first post coming. In short, I’m no longer in retail and love it! This job is much better for me and my family, both financially and in terms of stress, but I’m working 40-45 hours a week. First shift with weekends off though, which was important to me, and I’ve been in this position since the beginning of April. Stay tuned!

I missed typing and want to get back in the swing of it, but first I must learn everything I can about my new laptop.

Namaste, friends!


I have so many photos trapped on my phone.

Sadly, I do not today have a way to upload them all, nor even a portion. I am writing today from Miss Hurricane’s computer, as it is SO much easier to type and get all the words out of my head. I got a new-to-me phone a couple of months ago; I was the last holdout in the house of any Apple product, possessing an iPhone 4S. I swore I was going to use it until it just flat died on me. Well, last year, Santa brought me a Nexus 7 in exchange for my iPad 2…. after months of use, I figured out that I was getting used to Android with no problems, and eventually started getting tired of mentally switching back and forth between the two operating systems. I told Ardeo I was ready to make the switch, and I kid you not, the man jumped for joy! (He’d been sick of Apple for many moons already, and was constantly asking me if I was ready to give up i-devices for good.) He knows me as well as I know myself, so he went on the hunt for a phone capable of doing what I wanted – a great camera was a must for me, since we do not have a separate camera anymore – while staying within a certain price range. Miss Hurricane had been using a Moto G, so I started playing with hers as a test run; long story short, I really liked it. So back in the summer we found a similar Moto phone for me and I’ve been using it for a few months now, at least since June when my youngest cousin MW got married. Obviously it’s super easy to upload pictures to Instagram or Facebook, but there are a few more steps involved when I take a boatload of pictures (i.e. the wedding mentioned, or, say, Halloween) and want to share them here. Also, I believe I’m running out of storage space! Luckily I have many people in my family who know *far* more than me, so I’m learning about some options available for free. At the end of the day, I always want any pictures I take to be stored on a hard drive here at home, and as I’m the only one in the house with no computer (I just have the tablet and a phone) I have to share with whomever is not home. Of course main storage is on Ardeo’s computer, and I work so much that I just never get around to dumping my phone there. SO – all that to say, I am working on a way to ensure I don’t lose any pictures, while still able to share a bunch at a time here. I still work retail and the holiday season is going strong; I hope to get to this before Christmas Day, but in the meantime if you come to read and just see a few pictures, you’ll know what’s going on.

Until next time,
– Amphitryte

Summer came, and went, in a blink.

So I realized today that I have neglected my little update blog! Not trying to make excuses, but I do still work full time and I have been spending more free time away from much of the internet (other than reading blogs and some news) to hang out with my housemates and further-flung family. Work is calming down for a minute and I have been writing a post in my head for a few weeks, so it’s time to proverbially put pen to paper:

April: Spring Break for the kids’ previous school year. The kids went to Myrtle Beach with my in-laws for most of the week, then the 3 of us visited my parents for a couple days. All in all it was a good time! The kids brought home some souvenirs and about 400 photos. Still haven’t had a chance to watch that DVD ….. I will, and will share, I promise.
May: Miss Hurricane turned 11 this year and, oh my, I can often glimpse the beautiful grownup she will become, yet still she is my little girl in the same breath. We have fully entered the tween years with her, and she is definitely becoming a wonderful human on the inside to match her beautiful outside. She just started middle school a week ago, so all my babies are out of elementary now!
(Sidebar: she was the only kid in her 5th grade who had perfect attendance since Kindergarten! She got an award for this, and I posted a picture on Instagram: my username there is also – amphitryte )
My own birthday falls around Memorial Day, and we three spent that weekend at my mom’s for a family birthday party! I’m 37 now :D  Bro and his family came for the weekend, a friend and her kids stayed a while, as well as my cousin NW and his girlfriend. Bro and NW unintentionally showed up dressed as Mario and Luigi of Nintendo fame….. again, photos on IG! We had such a great time, some family came and went, and I only spit my drink out once (SO worth it. Caused by hilarity.).
June: mi primito se casó <3  <– My little cousin got married! Beautiful outdoor ceremony, and I got to visit a little with my sweet cousins from Chicago and northern Ohio! I hadn't seen many of them in almost a year. We already have plans to get together next summer at Mama's, and will be celebrating another graduate at the same time!
July: another month, a different part of the family reunites – this month was for my dad's siblings; for years we have gathered to celebrate Grandpa's birthday, but now continue the tradition to just get together. Bro & his family were there too, and I mostly chatted with his fiancee and my nieces. I did collect a bunch of cousins and their kids for a game of kickball; having worn hippie shoes, I played barefoot :D Still good fun, and we played until most of us adults – also smokers – couldn't breathe well anymore, lol.
August: Mister Twister turned SIXTEEN years old, y'all. I was not emotionally ready for this! However, he is not interested in driving or getting his license, so we were spared that expense. We did get him the gift he requested: a Wacom drawing tablet for his PC. He has been enjoying it and uses it almost daily! Im so grateful for that kid. He is also a wonderful human inside and out, and I am so proud of him. <3
Kids around here start school the second week of August, so much of our time so far has been gathering school supplies and wardrobes for these young'uns. Mister Twister is a junior, and as I mentioned Miss Hurricane is in middle school now, a sixth grader. She has gotten used to changing classes already and has made new friends, although she misses a lot of her elementary friends who are on different 'team schedules'. This is the year we will get her a phone (long bus ride + one vehicle family = she misses the bus, she needs the ability to contact me at work!), and soon I'm sure we will have her friends' numbers or email or Skype or some such. I remember being a girl of that age!
Both kids are taking Japanese again. Mister Twister is in Japanese 3, while Miss Hurricane is in Japanese 1 but with the solid foundation of all her elementary years of learning a day or two weekly. I hope they both gain and eventually retain relative fluency, even if only with each other. Maybe one of them will visit Japan one day? More than anything I hope they travel while they're young! Miss Hurricane has the usual 6th grade core classes besides that; Mister Twister is beginning with choir this year, and will have the opportunity to perform with (or in front of? I missed that part earlier…) the local university's nationally-known acapella group in about a month.
(Sidebar: I am going to discuss this with my husband first, but you may soon learn where we live via my mentioning the university by name. I'm not so sure I want the world at large to know so specifically where we are, but I know a large number of my readers are family or close friends, so on a grand scale I realize I'm not necessarily 'important' per se, but there is a small number of individuals who do not deserve to know more than the time zone in which we reside. This is largely the reason my posting is so sporadic, and also why it takes me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to write anything!)

That pretty much catches everyone up on things around here. Except the big announcement:

Ardeo and I quit smoking on August 4 after *months* of talking about it and weeks of half-hearted attempts. I haven't even said anything on Facebook about it because I wanted to make sure it was going to stick this time, rather than 'hey, we quit!' closely followed by 'whoops, bought another pack' or something similar. So, as of today, we have been quit for 2 weeks and thus far are doing well. Full disclosure, we did move from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs for each of us, but it is so far effective and I have already stepped down in nicotine from 18mg to 12mg. My doctor told me, "if you've already tried the gum, patches, prescriptions, cold turkey, and none of that worked? While I don't necessarily condone this, it *is* a good alternative because you are getting less toxins and no tar, so why not try? If it gets you fully quit, then it's success in the end." His doctor said something very similar, so after some research we went and got started with this. And hey, the kids are proud enough of us already, and their opinions matter to me more that anyone else's opinion! We have already broken even on e-cig spending vs. tobacco buying, so it can only get better, I think.

It is a school/work night, and almost my bedtime, so that will be all for this time! Thanks for stopping by :)

Namaste, amigos!

Trapped in the phone – a photo backlog!

Little update before all the pictures:
I now have insurance (thank you Mr Obama!) and will be seeing a doctor for my heart on the 26th. I promise to let you all know how that works out as soon as I’m able! I also can see my gynecologist again, as it’s been 4 years since my last checkup there; he’s expensive, but quality, and not the type of doctor I want to change often. I’m seeing him early in April, but unless something is seriously wrong, I won’t mention it again :)

Now! Onto the trapped pictures – I have a bad habit of taking too many to keep up with, so I dump the phone every so often and forget to go through all the pics until it’s been a year later, and I’ve forgotten a lot about the surrounding events. So today, you get captioned photos!
Enjoy :: ~ namaste~

My newest tattoo : stylized claddagh, just like my engagement ring!
Just like an actual bracelet, I wanted this to go all the way around my wrist.
360° tattoo!
Mom got me an ankle bracelet for my birthday too!
fail so hard xD’)”]image

I tried to build my own bonfire, but one of my cousins (henceforth – Mr Survivalist) was the winner in building this beauty. He said, “it was so painful, lol, to watch [me] fail so hard. xD ”

Bro was kind enough to fix the off-kilter axle for us, no charge! 'Call it your birthday present from me, Sis.' Thanks, man!
Bro and our cousin NW (not the fire-building survivalist, but his brother) kicked back to start the party.
Never been one for wine, but my cousin Mr Survivalist suggested that I might like the taste. He was right, it is pretty good stuff! Shared this bottle with all the adults in attendance.
Mom has a hammock in her fancy gazebo. One of my favorite places to laze when we visit in warm weather!

Mama wrote a sweet, touching message in my birthday card. Being a member of the adopted branch, I always tear up when I think about how lucky I am having her in my life! I *am* her nieta <3

It was bugging me.
So I had a few inches lopped off!
I made this little purse for Miss Hurricane, an extra little 10th birthday gift.
She can use either side as the front but the zipper is on this side.
I have named this little mixer *Snow Cream* because it tastes exactly like the snow cream Mom made for us when we were kids. No measuring but about 1:3 Amaretto to Almond Milk, over 3 ice cubes. I stir it with a chopstick ;)
My baby is TEN now!
Make a wish.....
My baby girl is almost my height already!
Growing up, we always played Hide & Seek in this cemetery, but hardly ventured into this old zone in the back after dark. This was taken at dusk, just when my cousin (red shirt) snuck up behind and startled Lurkey - just a little ;)
Lurkey setting up the dessert table
Hadara lighting a sparkler for one of the littlins
This is how you play Tag after dark! Wearing glow bracelets and necklaces!
Easy way to keep an eye on the kids after dark!
Ardeo gets some sugar from Mister Twister and Miss Hurricane after they gave him his presents.
Ardeo needed these and would not have bought them for himself, so these are his gifts!
Just some chicken legs
Grilling some burgers, zucchini, and tomatoes.
Finished burgers, zucchini, tomatoes, and onions
Chicken, green pepper, pineapple, carrot, and some kind of sauce. Ardeo made this and it was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.
We built a neat console from an IKEA Expedit bookshelf, adding drawers, doors, and feet. Love it!

Heart Disease Awareness Month: February

But really, shouldn’t it be every month, or every day? Regardless, there is one reason I’m bringing this up today. I know I haven’t been around, but the reason for that is simply, work. I’m just coming off of a short vacation and have some time to focus here, and it fortuitously coincides with Heart Month.

Back in March of 1999, I was going on 22 years old and just diagnosed with a mild heart condition. My doctor back then said that it was a mild, but common, issue; my risk factor was higher though because of family history on both sides of the family, and in the end he told me just to ‘keep an eye on it’ and keep track of oddities or instances as best I could – he knew that Mister Twister was only 7 months old – and to let him (any) physician know about at future yearly checkups.
I was in good general health back then. I worked at the airport and so was very active 5 days a week, so that was great as far as exercise goes. I ate pretty well too (balanced fruits & veggies with meat consumption), didn’t drink or do drugs, but I was still a smoker. I knew then as now that smoking would be bad overall but specifically for my heart. My doctor suggested I quit smoking, and I told him I would – but I didn’t until years later. Full disclosure here : I did quit in the fall of 2010, but life got the best of me a year later and I started smoking again in September 2011. Eleven months isn’t bad but obviously I can do better, and of course I know now that I *can* quit. It’s on my very short to-do list!
That doctor visit in ’99 was the first indication in my life that I could have issues earlier than an average woman, both because of the family history and my smoking habit. Dr. V had listened to my heart, heard a murmur (similar to Mom’s, and we were both patients of his at the time), and hooked me up to a 24-hour Holter monitor. When I went back to discuss what, if anything, the monitor found, he said that my issue had a name – premature ventricular closure, or PVCs. If you click that link, you can see that this is fairly common, but usually not noticeable in day-to-day life. Also usually not discovered at such a young age…. but, for me, there is was in black and white. Dr. V didn’t feel it necessary to give me any sort of medication or put me on an aspirin regimen or ask me to follow any specific exercise routines, which was totally fine with me. He only asked that I not donate blood because it could cause my blood pressure to drop dangerously. (This was the most disappointing thing he could have said – I’m O+ so I used to donate often!)

In the last 14 years, my heart has ‘skipped’ only a few times each year that I know of, and never with any indication that it would happen; it also seemed to happen “just whenever” it wanted to, and I could be doing anything from watching TV to walking to dancing in the kitchen. It didn’t seem connected to any activity or lack thereof. Only once can I remember feeling a skip, and it made me think I was going to pass out. Especially scary at the time, because I was home alone with newborn Miss Hurricane and didn’t have a vehicle – Mister Twister was at school, and Ardeo was at work, and it was around 9 a.m. – and leading up to the skip, I was literally watching a TV show and crocheting while waiting for the baby to wake up. Since that day, I promised myself I would be more aware and vocal about this heart condition, and I kept a paper updated quarterly with information about it, myself, family history, Mom’s phone number, everything I could think of. And since that day, I probably have had less than 50 skips total.

Until about two weeks ago. I truly have no idea what may have changed, but I was at work one Saturday and noticed that in the first two hours of my shift, I felt 5 skips. I told my closest coworker about it, since she and I would be off by ourselves but working together that day. The rest of that day, nothing else. I thought it was just me overworking or something.
The next day, Ardeo and I went grocery shopping, and I felt one ‘long skip’ while driving. I told him when it happened (he knew the above history) and that there was no pain; I hadn’t yet had any pains accompany any of these heart skips, ever. Just for my own peace of mind, that night I found an app for my phone that would allow me to keep track of everything associated with it. This condition is the reason I keep my phone on my person at work, even though upper management frowns upon that (I’m not a teenager, I’m certainly not using the phone while I work, ffs.).
Monday, Feb 3, I went to work as usual and was able to note each skip throughout the day. Looking now, I see that I wrote down 5 skips between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. and noted what I was doing at each time. Tuesday, 5 skips again, but I was off work that day and didn’t notice (or track?) any skips until dinnertime – the first one I have down was at 5:38 while I chopped some celery.
Wednesday, off work again so I cleaned up some fallen branches in the yard. No skips while I was out there, but 4 ‘big’ skips, the first one being 2 hours *after* I came inside. So …. not during strenuous activity.
I won’t bore you, but suffice to say that it has gotten worse in the last week. I’m tracking at least 20 per day, and every so often there is a very mild pain. Still, each skip is only enough to make my breath catch and never lasts more than one second.

I have not had insurance since my baby was born – she turns 11 in May – and I have only kept up with my gyno visits because his office allows me to make payments, so I can take 3 months to pay the bill. (Side note: I also have sketchy family history here. Mom’s mother, aunts, and sisters have all had something or other go wrong with female parts, up to and including cancers. Not so much on Dad’s side, but I have talked to his sisters about medical history too, so I have all of that on file with my gyno.) Not having insurance is what has stopped me from seeing a cardiologist or even finding a PCP. I have been looking over all the things that go along with the Affordable Care Act and will finally be able to sign up this month. I will quit smoking too, and soon, but have not yet set a final quit date. I do have nicotine gum in the house though, so that’s a start!
All this to say that I am truly worried (and, don’t get me wrong, pissed too!) and a little scared regarding my heart health right now. I know I have made stupid choices that exacerbated this issue, but my kids are still young and dammit so am I! I am not finished living and I am a little afraid that I’m running out of time.

Take care of your heart. Seriously.
I’ll update again when I can, but until then, namaste.

Just a quick note!

I have been away, working and hanging out with the kids over the summer, visiting distant family, and just trying to unplug a little more than I used to do. Over the last few weeks, I realized that my blog name (Musings from Amphitrite) didn’t quite sound right, so I’ve spent some time thinking about the name and general sea-faring theme I want to project here. Tonight it finally came to me! For the same blog and filled with the same stories of life in my little sea trench, this blog is changing its name to Reflections from Amphitrite. I’m so much happier with this title!
As mentioned, I’ve been busy with work and family, but since my birthday at the end of May, I have plenty of pictures and a few stories I want to share. Ardeo had a computer issue over the summer, which added to the delay in storytelling, but that is all straightened out now and I have access to my pictures again – so, if you’re still interested, keep an eye out for a post or two in the next week.

Namaste, my friends!

Summertime 2013

Sorry I’ve been so quiet – around here we’ve been rearranging things, both in-house and online, so that’s taking up most of my time spent not working. I still work 40 hours weekly so it doesn’t leave a lot of downtime once I’ve rested for a full day!
I do have 3 solid posts in the works, possibly 4 total. In the moving of computer-related stuff, I’ve had to check behind Ardeo’s work to make sure all of my things got moved over to an external hard drive and then onto the laptop correctly. So far, so good! I haven’t lost anything in this move! (The last time we did this, I did lose a few things, but thankfully none were super-important or gone forever. I have a few important things stashed in Dropbox as a backup.)
I see it’s been just over 2 months since my last post, which is why I’m putting this up today as an explanation of sorts. Since my last post, the kids and I have done some visiting, and I had almost 1000 pictures trapped on my phone – they are now dumped in a folder on the laptop, awaiting my edit attention and organization. I also got another tattoo, so that may be a separate post with its own photos! As I said, I’m working on it, but lately I’ve done a lot more reading than anything else.

School starts for the kids in about 2 weeks; we have my family reunion coming up just before that, and Mister Twister is about to turn 15. There will be plenty more pics to come but in the meantime, I’m going to take the next week or so to go through what I already have so I can write a bit more here. I’m having a hard time believing that my oldest is almost an adult!
Can someone slow time down for just a minute?! ~* sigh *~

See you soon :)

My first tattoo

Recently I realized that I’ve never posted a picture here of my tattoo. It’s still the only one I have (although I’m getting another soon), and I thought about and toyed with the design for many months before perfecting it. Ardeo gave his blessing for this tattoo as my 33rd birthday present, so I got it on June 1, 2010, at a shop here downtown*. It only took about an hour from start to finish, and I am still absolutely pleased with the look of it. It is just what I wanted and I’m so glad I had a great artist who copied my drawing to perfection!

This is the Celtic knot of motherhood (which I found via a Google search – I knew that was what I wanted from the beginning) and within it are my kids’ zodiac symbols. [For years I’ve owned this astrology book, and I believe our horoscopes and planetary/star alignments can have an influence and offer some guidance throughout our lives.]

On the left is my son, the Leo; on the right, my daughter the Taurus:

My very first tattoo!
My very first tattoo!

This work of art is directly between my shoulder blades, so it’s easy to hide if I need to for work, and that was also a part of my plan from the beginning. I started thinking that I might have it colored, but after just a week or so of seeing it in the black outline, I decided I like that look better. Colors can fade more quickly than the basic black, so I’ve kept it as is. I also have let Miss Hurricane color it in with washable markers a few times, so it made for a neat little coloring page when all I wanted to do was lay down and read sometimes! That was handy ;)

I have my 36th birthday coming up on the 27th, and Mom and I are going to get tattoos. She’s buying, so how could I say no? Honestly, I have 3 ideas in mind, but over the last month I’ve narrowed it down and chosen (and perfected) the one I’m going with for this birthday. I’ll have a picture and story for you in a couple of weeks – I’m not going to ruin the surprise, although my cousin Lurkey knows about it! She is a fabulous artist and helped me draw and perfect the knot I have; having her own tattoos, she also has given me advice on coloration and locations and that sort of thing while we’ve talked about the few ideas I had in the works.

One of those ideas is a tattoo honoring my adopted grandparents, who I mentioned in a post last year.** As it says in that post, Mama is from NM and Papa is from KY, so the two states are a part of that tattoo. I’ll most likely have it on one of my calves, but since I’m still in the planning/deciding stages, it will be a while before I have it done. And off the top of my head, I can’t even remember exactly what my other idea is, but I have it either written or drawn up somewhere!

So, it’s a little late, but I wanted to share the art with you! I uploaded my picture to Pinterest about a month ago, and it’s actually gotten a few repins :) I’m rather proud of that, so I wanted to stick it here so it can actually be linked as well.

Thanks for dropping by today! I hope to have more stories and pictures for you soon, as summer is upon us and the family parties are all happening within the next few months.

-{ Namaste }-

*If you see me in person, I’ll tell you where, I just don’t want it/where I live to be public information!

**{Papa’s sister Margie passed away recently :( We all miss her, and I hope to visit Pat and the gang soon.}